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Instead of just leaving your listing sitting on our site and hoping it gets some traffic your way, we actively promote The Pearls List members so that we know we are not only getting traffic to your website, but are growing your very important social media outlets as well! Because let’s be real, social media is where most of your website traffic is going to come from!

Because we work to bring our readers only the best wedding professionals out there, we do require that each vendor applies to be part of The Pearls List, as we will continue to promote vendors who are in great standing based on reviews, social media, professionalism, and who we feel best fit our readership.

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We take each application very seriously and spend about an hour on each vendor who applies, carefully reviewing your website, social media, and reviews to ensure you are a great fit for our brand and for our brides. So if you are not ready to sign up upon acceptance, we would greatly appreciate you not applying at this time. Please also note that The Pearls List is not about clicks. It is about social media growth, exposure, and forming a community of vendors who can all promote and help each other with tips for our continued growth. Of course the goal is always more bookings and more orders but these come from a variety of sources such as Pinterest exposure, an Instagram post, or a referral from another vendor list.

Once you are ready to move forward immediately upon acceptance into The Pearls List, you are more than welcome to apply!

Pearls & Berries reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who we believe is not a good match with our ideals, philosophy and style. If you are a professional wedding vendor and would like to join, here’s the application.


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