#heyyrachel.episode #someone along the way #all women want to have a father for our kids but however it is never ok to steal a man from his wife and his biological unborn child that is what Diana did # the dating world is rough yes but she should have tried instead of destroying a marraige she was selfish #I will forgive and forget but mc Courtney Renee may forgive Diana but she better hope if she has a man someday that no one steals him away: #karma is very bad and she has the right to feel used because she did used Steven too so they are are both even #Leo loves him yes but however what if Diana finds someone else or he finds her and won’t like Leo calling Steven daddy. #Leo is a wonderful kid but Diana being a single mom is a way to rediscover herself she should be positive that one day she will be married and he will love Leo. #belle_renee_episode




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