Wedding veils can add that extra va-va-voom to your wedding gown and boy did we fall in love with luxury bridal accessories designer Daphne Newman’s 2018 wedding veil collection, ‘Love Awakened’.

Featuring 10 couture bridal veils, each piece is handmade using silk tulle, and exclusive lace sourced by Daphne on her travels to Europe and the Middle East.

This shoot was inspired by the rich history of Italy and Daphne’s global pursuit of rare lace as well as her vision of unity of textural detailing and ornate silhouettes a traditional setting. Demonstrating to brides that you can incorporate tradition without compromising personal style.

Each of Daphne’s pieces are meant to be kept by the bride as a timeless memory of her wedding style, and be cherished as an heirloom for future generations- a rarity in our modern society of fast fashion.

Daphne encourages her brides to carefully choose their veil, as an honest reflection of their style
and personality, and not simply an afterthought of the gown.

Love certainly has been awakened in the incredible images you see below.


Photographer: Leila Scarfiotti

Veils & Creative Direction: Daphne Newman Design
Model: Cloe Simoncioni
MUAH: Katie Angus from The Future Mrs
Gowns:A LA ROBE by Atelier Elizabeth Soljak , Spina Bride
Video: Miryana Slivenska



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