Wondering how to plan a wedding on a budget without looking like a wedding on a budget? Today’s bride has some stellar tips for you! Ian + Candis’ winter wedding at Eleven Oaks Ranch in Oklahoma is every bit the beautiful celebration, full of deep color and heartfelt moments. The details are sweet and the style is classic romance—you’d never know I + C planned the day on a budget. So we has to ask…what were their top tips? And here’s what Candis had to say:

  • DIY: Do as many things as you can by yourself. I know that sounds like a huge task but you can make it fun! I was planning a wedding, taking classes, and working full time & still found ways to invite friends over for an evening to work on wedding tasks and make a girls night out of it!
  • Figure out your needs and your wants. First, set aside money for things that are absolute necessities. Then, use money you have left over or what you’re able to get together for the remaining things that are more of a want but not necessarily a need.
  • Don’t get caught up in small details. It’s easy to get lost in everything going on and start thinking you HAVE to do all of these small details that add up to big costs. People loved to tell me what I HAD to have. The truth is, it’s your wedding. If you can’t afford a DJ, make some playlists and have fun with it! If you don’t want to wear shoes, don’t! (Speaking from experience) It’s your day, treat it as such.
  • Food: I know it’s pretty common to have meals catered for a wedding but I just didn’t have the funds. Instead, we had multiple options that were individually SUPER cheap such as, s’mores, mini apple pies, 3 types of holiday popcorn, hot chocolate & coffee. They were all a super hit! All of the food together totaled about $190. Rather than serving a meal, consider doing a multitude of more affordable snacks.

 Such practical tips, right?? Now—let’s see how it all worked out for I + C, thanks to photos by Susan Alyse Photography!

Try to hold back the tears for this story: The note here was written by Candis when she was 10 years old and it’s a check list of all the things she wanted her one-day husband to be. Guess who fit the bill perfectly!? After the sun set that night and all the portraits were taken, the couple sat inside by the fireplace and exchanged gifts. This is where she gave Ian her list from when she was 10. He never even knew about it!!


Photography: Susan Alyse Photography // Venue name: Eleven Oaks Ranch, Luther, Oklahoma, USA // Florals: Cain Designs // Wedding dress: Chantilly Couture // Videography: Reagan Lynn Films



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