Hi, I’m Matt. Firstly, I am married to my amazing (and might I say gorgeous) wife Alexa.

I’m honoured to capture weddings for a living & have had the opportunity to travel to some stunning places, meeting some brilliant couples & photographing their amazing weddings.
Every wedding is an adventure and I approach every one of them with a fresh eagerness and artful eye to capture something uniquely special!

My aim is to capture frames that tell a story in a creative and emotional way, freezing a moment in time. I would love to think the images I take provoke the emotions that were felt & capture those unique moments that bring a tear to your eye.

Have a look around & if you feel that what you see would tell your story well, whether that would be up on a mountain top, down in a valley or between four walls – I would love for you to get in touch!

As you can see I love to travel so would love for your wedding to take me somewhere else for a while.

I look forward to hearing about your plans!

Ciao for now,

Location: London / England

Website: http://www.mattpenberthy.com

Phone: +44 (0) 7723 379 866

Willing to travel: Yes

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